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July 19th 2023

Welcome to the Winter Cycling Congress in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Treaty 6 territory.  We are thrilled to launch our registration  and our call for presenters.  We have also added our Edmonton accommodations partner, the Westin Hotel right in the heart of downtown.  


We aim to have the event drive a conversation about winter cycling within a broad sense of being in a healthy city. What are the lessons learned from other areas of Canada and around the world in the future of cycling and active transportation? Our call for presenters will reach researchers, policy makers, industry leaders and community members. We are looking for those with the knowledge of shifting to healthy and more sustainable communities. 


We have announced our first pre-conference event that will move knowledge around strategic investments and policy to help school jurisdictions reduce emissions and improve student wellbeing. 


Stay tuned to this page for announcements around keynotes, additional workshops, adventures to Jasper before and after the conference and connected winter festivals around the Winter Cycling Congress. Thank you for joining – please stay in touch through our newsletter!


To get you extra excited to join us please check out our latest Explore Edmonton video below.  

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