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Wednesday, February 21

Pre-Conference: Building School Jurisdiction Capacity for Active School Travel.  

School jurisdictions invest a great deal of time and money on student transportation. From designing school sites to organizing congregated school bus stops and routes, there is no doubt that this is a big job. Despite the known financial, health, learning, and environmental benefits that come with active school travel (AST), few school authorities consider it within their planning priorities. Join us as we explore unique solutions to elevate AST as a preferred mode choice for both families and schools through research and promising practices. 

Thursday, February 22 -  Friday, February 23

Check out the conference schedule for the Winter Cycling Congress linked below. With something for everyone, this years congress is themed into 3 main categories. Champion It, Maintain It and Design It - with something for everyone, we hope to see you there! 

Saturday, February 24

Guided Ride by Alex Stieda

  • Starts at 12:00 pm

  • Participants and delegates muster at River Valley Adventure Co. (15 walk from Westin) where they will be equipped with a bike and a mandate for fun

  • Free to attend, hot chocolate and bike rentals provided however bikes are limited - if possible please bring your own. V

    • ​Bike availability: 3 fat tire bikes and 10 mountain bikes

Join the City of Edmonton for an Ice Bike Ride (or skating!)

  • Ice bikes available at Sir Wilfred Laurier Park, Saturday from 2 - 8pm

Happy Beer Street Bike Ride

  • Come and enjoy Edmonton’s finest craft brewers. Meet at EBike Edmonton on Saturday, 3-5 pm and ride along Edmonton’s Happy Beer Street.

  • Need to borrow a bike? Call EBike Edmonton 780.249.2453 to book your ride. The number of bikes are limited.

  • Visit EBike Edmonton, Alberta’s largest EBike Store and see the best brands and gear available for Winter Cycling.

Explore Edmonton Event Calendar 

Still looking for something else to do? Look no further than Explore Edmonton's event calendar for the best Edmonton concerts, festivals, activities and fun things to do. 

Keynote Speaker: Alex Stieda

alex .jpeg

Alex Stieda was the fastest cyclist in North America when many North Americans were not on a bicycle. Alex is a proud Edmontonian, an experienced public speaker sharing his passion for his city, cycling and a career of excellence, teamwork, personal growth and supporting others to shift to the power of the bicycle. Alex moved through the ranks of amateur cycling and became passionately obsessed with the sport. Along the way, he became an Olympian and joined the famed 7-Eleven cycling team, turning professional with the team in 1986 and becoming the first North American to wear the Yellow Jersey at the Tour de France.

Alex will share personal anecdotes to illustrate: the importance of a healthy city, overcoming adversity, the power of community and cycling for mental health.
As a recent cancer survivor, Alex continues to live life to its fullest sharing his passion for personal growth. In addition to co-founding a professional cycling race in Alberta and producing cycling documentaries, Alex continues to ride all of his bikes in all seasons as much as he can.

Keynote Panel: Oh the Urbanity, The War on Cars, About Here

Join these influential social media storytellers to highlight moving the needle of understanding on the need for healthy cities and active transportation.  All three presenters have used social media platforms to provide evidence and a most compelling narrative focus to direct focus on alternative methods of transportation.  This session will be engaging with video and stories that will make all of us think differently about our cities.  

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