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Join us for many free and low cost
community events during the congress

Registration for the congress not required to attend community events

Wednesday, February 21


You are invited to join hit youtubers Jasmine Steffler and Patrick Murphy, (Oh The Urbanity), Uytae Lee (About Here) and Tom Babin (Shifter) to hear more about how you can tell the story of cycling and city building in your community. Topics will include telling urban stories, building an audience, production, and the creative process. These storytellers are hit educators and entertainers, so don't miss out.

Registration is free but please rsvp with the link below.

Thursday, February 22


Join Urban Systems at Fu's Repair Shop for

winter cycling and 90's trivia!

Registration is free but please rsvp with the link below.

Friday, February 23

WCC Coffee Outside event poster FINAL (1).png

No tickets required - just show up and enjoy coffee outside!


Opening the evening is Pekka Tahkola, Urban well-being engineer

Pekka, the Vice President of Winter Cycling Federation loves nature, especially a proper winter. And bikes. Be it cause or consequence, he resides in the winter cycling capital of the world: Oulu, Finland. Located almost at the Arctic Circle, the city enjoys long, snowy, harsh winters, which, even though you might think the opposite, when paired with world-famous maintenance make winter cycling just a normal everyday activity in the city. Apart from bicycles, he has a huge interest in transportation history, vintage pianos, adventures of all sorts, and ice cream. 

Please note the live podcast is free for registered Winter Cycling Congress delegates.

For community members there is a small entry fee of $25. $12 if you're a student! 

Saturday, February 24

Let’s Bike There YEG WCC Playground Meetup.png

Guided Ride by Alex Stieda

  • Starts at 12:00 pm

  • Participants and delegates muster at River Valley Adventure Co. (15 walk from Westin) where they will be equipped with a bike and a mandate for fun

  • Free to attend, hot chocolate and bike rentals provided however bikes are limited - if possible please bring your own. V

    • ​Bike availability: 10 mountain bikes (mountain bikes are first come, first served)

Join the City of Edmonton for an Ice Bike Ride (or skating!)

  • Ice bikes available at Sir Wilfred Laurier Park, Saturday from 2 - 8pm

Happy Beer Street Bike Ride

  • Come and enjoy Edmonton’s finest craft brewers. Meet at EBike Edmonton on Saturday, 3-5 pm and ride along Edmonton’s Happy Beer Street.

  • Need to borrow a bike? Call EBike Edmonton 780.249.2453 to book your ride. The number of bikes are limited.

  • Visit EBike Edmonton, Alberta’s largest EBike Store and see the best brands and gear available for Winter Cycling.

Explore Edmonton Event Calendar 

Still looking for something else to do? Look no further than Explore Edmonton's event calendar for the best Edmonton concerts, festivals, activities and fun things to do. 

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